Medina Municipal Airport 
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Medina Municipal Airport Services 1G5
Aircraft Rental
Cessna 172-IFR Club Rate $90 per hour  
Non Club Rate $104 per hour 

Cessna 172/180HP-IFR Club Rate $90 per hour  
Non Club Rate $104 per hour

Ercoupe Club Rate $65 per hour  
Non Club Rate $80 per hour

J3 Cub Club Rate $85 per hour  
Non Club Rate $85 per hour
All rates include fuel
Hangar Rental
Hangar rentals range from $165 per month
 to $600 per month.

Tie Down Rates
Single Engine
$10 per day $60 per month

​Twin Engine
$15 per day $80 per month
Daily rate waved with fuel purchase

Aviation Fuel Services
Brand: EPIC  
Fueling hours: 24 hours a day 
100LL Avgas: Self service 
Jet-A: Assisted/Self Service

Full Service Aviation Maintenance
Call for more information 330-239-1606 

Learn to Fly

Imagine yourself in the pilot’s seat with a licensed flight instructor at your side showing you how to fly the airplane and perform basic maneuvers. Bring your camera and a friend along for the ride.
Discovery flight starts with a 15 minute Pre-Flight briefing and 45 minutes flying around the area; if you live close enough it may be over your house.

Ground School is completed in 16 weeks, 2 hours per night. 
You will get a DVD of the whole course so you have no reason to get behind. You will receive all the manuals, an E6B Flight Computer, Navigation Plotter, Log Book and any additional help you may need to pass the FAA written Test. 

Our Ground School Instructor has over 10 years of experience teaching this course and is licensed by the FAA.

We also have flight training for instrument rating.