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Aviation History Gallery
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Medina's  A.I. Root, witnessed and documented the first practical flight of an airplane
 at Huffman Prairie, Ohio on March 4th 1904. The Wright brothers didn't consider 
the flight at Kitty Hawk a success due to the crafts inability to turn while in flight.
 A.I. Root pictured here in the Wright flyer seated on the left.
Joe Zsarnay was the pilot for General George Patton
in the European theatre. Joe flew General Patton in an L5 named, The Pride of Medina.
Zsarnay is pictured on the right.
Brothers John and Jim Navratil are pictured by an old biplane. 
John rebuilt his first airplane from a wrecked biplane that he bought for a couple of hundred dollars.John put the old junker together using bailing wire and scrapwood. John Navratil was a founding member of the early Medina Flying Club. It inspired many to go on to great things in aviation.

Medina resident and aviation designer Jim Bede was the inventor of the BD-5 Jet, made famous in James Bond movies.
 As a child Jim would draw airplane sin chalk on the sidewalks. He went on to draw airplanes the took the sky and the silver screen.
Stephanie Johnson was a Flight Instructor at Medina Municipal Airport.
 In the fall of 1997, Stephanie interviewed with and was hired by a major airline, Northwest Airlines. She is the first African American woman to be hired as a 
pilot for Northwest Airlines.
Bruce Hallock had a passion for aviation design. 
Bruce is pictured with one of his inventions.
As an aviator Bruce was the personal pilot for President Lyndon B. Johnson.
Medina has a rich aviation history. Up until now the history of local pilots, aircraft designers and hero's of war lived on in photo albums of families, and tales passed on through the generations. As a tribute to those who made local aviation history, Medina Municipal Airport has created the Medina Aviation History Museum so that the work, lives and stories of these people can live on to inspire the next generation of aviators.
We welcome visitors to enjoy and learn about our proud place in aviation history. 
Rosie Olson, the First Lady of Medina Municipal Airport. She was a constant encouragement for Earle and Eric Olson as they went through all of the stages of developing this wonderful airport. We should not forget her contribution of efforts towards the goal of serving Medina with a first class local airport. She will always be the First Lady of Medina Municipal Airport.

This website is dedicated in the loving memory of Rosie.